Supreme Judicial Court Strikes Down Residency Restrictions For Sex Offenders

In Doe v. City of Lynn, 472 Mass. 521 (2015), Attorney Crouch filed an amicus brief on behalf of numerous advocacy groups, including the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, challenging a local ordinance in the City of Lynn that prohibited sex offenders from living in a vast… Continue reading »


Massachusetts Changes Classification Standard For Sex Offenders

In a major decision that is likely to fundamentally change the classification of sex offenders in Massachusetts, the Supreme Judicial Court recently struck down the Sex Offender Registry Board’s use of the preponderance of evidence standard in classification hearings. In John Doe No. 380316 vs. Sex Offender Registry Board, 473 Mass. 297 (2015), the court… Continue reading »


Recent Changes To Massachusetts Reclassification Of Sex Offenders

Since 2013, the Massachusetts has changed a number of laws related to the classification and reclassification of Massachusetts sex offenders, especially for Massachusetts Level 2 sex offenders. For those individuals seeking sex offender reclassification in Massachusetts, it is important to be aware of these changes. Where reclassification hearing were once decided entirely on paper by… Continue reading »


Supreme Judicial Court Considers Whether To Place Level 2 Offenders On The Internet

The Supreme Judicial Court recently heard the case of Michael Moe & others vs. Chair of the Sex Offender Registry Board, SJC-11520, in which the court will decide: Whether a July, 2013 amendment to the Sex Offender Registry Law — which requires that sex offender registry information of level two sex offenders now be published… Continue reading »


Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Tells Sex Offender Registry Board To Consider Gender As A Classification Factor

The Associated Press reports that the Supreme Judicial Court overturned the classification of a former escort service manager as a low-level sex offender, finding that the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board should have considered research showing women are less likely than men to commit new sex offenses. Boston sex offender attorney Andrew Crouch filed an… Continue reading »

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