Supreme Judicial Court Considers Whether To Place Level 2 Offenders On The Internet

The Supreme Judicial Court recently heard the case of Michael Moe & others vs. Chair of the Sex Offender Registry Board, SJC-11520, in which the court will decide:

Whether a July, 2013 amendment to the Sex Offender Registry Law — which requires that sex offender registry information of level two sex offenders now be published on the Internet — was intended to apply, and can constitutionally be applied, to persons classified as level two offenders before the effective date of the amendment; and whether the publication on the Internet of level two offender information would violate Federal and State due process, ex post facto, and double jeopardy protections.

Expanding the dissemination of information of Massachusetts Level 2 sex offenders would be devastating for many registered offenders. It would vastly expand the number of Massachusetts sex offenders whose home, work, and educational information is splashed across the Internet and will reduce the utility of the site run by the Sex Offender Registry Board, which presently only lists the highest risk Massachusetts Level 3 sex offenders.

If you are a Level 2 sex offender in Massachusetts and have questions regarding your Massachusetts sex offender classification or wants assistance in reviewing or seeking sex offender reclassification, you need a Boston sex offender attorney. Please contact Attorney Crouch at (617) 441-5111 or email him to set up a free, initial consultation. To request further information please contact us.