Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board Updates Its Regulations

The Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board recently implemented a substantial revision to its long outdated regulations. This revision follows many years of direction and then criticism from the state’s highest courts, including the Supreme Judicial Court in numerous decisions. The new regulations reflect the recent Supreme Judicial Court’s decision in John Doe No. 380316 vs. Sex Offender Registry Board, 473 Mass. 297 (2015), in which the court struck down the Sex Offender Registry Board’s use of the preponderance of evidence standard in Massachusetts sex offender classification hearings. Attorney Crouch participated in the Doe No. 3803816 case, arguing for the clear and convincing evidence standard on behalf of the Committee for Public Counsel Services.

For those individuals seeking sex offender reclassification or classification in Massachusetts, it is important to be aware of these changes.

As a result of these extensive changes to the Massachusetts sex offender registration law by the Board, as well as by the legislature and the courts, it is important for sex offenders in Massachusetts to consult with a Massachusetts sex offender attorney about legal assistance with their classification and sex offender reclassification matters. If you are interested in speaking with a Massachusetts sex offender attorney please contact Attorney Crouch at (617) 441-5111 or email him to set up a free, initial consultation.