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  • Attorney Crouch Secures Protection For Level 2 Sex Offenders Seeking Reclassification

    In Doe No. 326573 v. Sex Offender Registry Board, 477 Mass. 361 (2017), the Supreme Judicial Court issued a crucial decision protecting the rights of sex offenders to seek reduction in their classification levels. Boston sex offender attorney Attorney Crouch represented the plaintiff in Doe No. 326573 and secured a key victory for due process… Continue reading »

  • Supreme Judicial Court Strikes Down Residency Restrictions For Sex Offenders

    In Doe v. City of Lynn, 472 Mass. 521 (2015), Attorney Crouch filed an amicus brief on behalf of numerous advocacy groups, including the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, challenging a local ordinance in the City of Lynn that prohibited sex offenders from living in a vast… Continue reading »

  • Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board Updates Its Regulations

    The Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board recently implemented a substantial revision to its long outdated regulations. This revision follows many years of direction and then criticism from the state’s highest courts, including the Supreme Judicial Court in numerous decisions. The new regulations reflect the recent Supreme Judicial Court’s decision in John Doe No. 380316 vs.… Continue reading »

  • Massachusetts Changes Classification Standard For Sex Offenders

    In a major decision that is likely to fundamentally change the classification of sex offenders in Massachusetts, the Supreme Judicial Court recently struck down the Sex Offender Registry Board’s use of the preponderance of evidence standard in classification hearings. In John Doe No. 380316 vs. Sex Offender Registry Board, 473 Mass. 297 (2015), the court… Continue reading »

  • Recent Changes To Massachusetts Reclassification Of Sex Offenders

    Since 2013, the Massachusetts has changed a number of laws related to the classification and reclassification of Massachusetts sex offenders, especially for Massachusetts Level 2 sex offenders. For those individuals seeking sex offender reclassification in Massachusetts, it is important to be aware of these changes. Where reclassification hearing were once decided entirely on paper by… Continue reading »

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